Bereavement Resources in UK

Armchair Advice
Advice and peer discussion forums to support those effected by a diagnosis of terminal illness.

Care for the family
02920 810800
[email protected]
National charity which aims to promote strong family life and help for those hurting from a family suicide.

1800 201 890
Supporting and helping people bereaved through suicide and promoting positive mental health within the community in an effort to reduce the high number of attempted suicides and deaths through suicide.

0844 477 9400
National charity that offers free, confidential help to bereaved people.

This is a grief recovery on line for all bereaved.

Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide
0844 561 6855
Previously known as S.O.B.S is a self help, voluntary organisation, available from 9am – 9pm every day.

Winston’s Wish
0845 2030 405
This service supports bereaved children and young people and their families.